Thursday, 30 April 2009

DWM 408 Press Release

The 408th issue of Doctor Who Magazine is on sale in newsagents across the UK from tomorrow (Thursday 30th April), and inside there’s an exclusive interview with David Tennant who discusses what his feelings will be on his last day in role as the Time Lord.

“I don’t know how I’ll feel when I get there,” he says. “It’ll probably be very scrutinised. I don’t know if the last day will be anything like the last in story terms. Usually you’re so out of sequence that your final scene is something very unimportant - walking down the street or opening a door - so time will tell. But it’s - what? - 12 weeks away, so I’ll cope. I’ll find ways of coping.”

Also in the issue, DWM recounts the tales of what happened when the cast and crew filmed the Easter special, Planet of the Dead, in Dubai, and Russell T Davies reveals how he saved the life of script editor Gary Russell in this month’s Production Notes.

Also inside…

  • GAMES WITHOUT FRONTIERS! - The First Doctor becomes invisible and his companions play some decidedly deadly games in the classic series adventure, The Celestial Toymaker. Discover the truth behind the story and find out how it nearly featured the end of Doctor Who as we know it…
  • WHO IS DOCTOR TWO? - The Watcher presents his essential guide to to the Second Doctor, Patrick Troughton, and answers the question: was he really a stove hat-wearing, recorder-playing, Chaplinesque cosmic hobo?
  • HAPPY ANNIVERSARY? - The Time Team watch sinister Cybermen, wicked witches and nasty Nazis battle it out in Doctor Who’s 25th anniversary tale, Silver Nemesis!
  • DANGER DOWN UNDER! - The Doctor and Majenta land in Australia and find themselves assisting UNIT in the first part of a brand new comic strip adventure, The Age of Ice, by Dan McDaid, with art by Martin Geraghty, David A Roach and James Offredi.
  • AND THE WINNER IS… - The results of the 2008 Merchandise Awards are finally revealed! Find out what DWM readers voted the very best in Doctor Who books, audios and DVDs!
  • DA-DA-DA-DUM, DA-DA-DA-DUM, DA-DA-DA-DUM, WOOOO-EEEEE-OOOOH! - In You Are Not Alone, Neil Harris recalls some of the many memorable melodies (and some of the weird and wacky noises!) that have featured in Doctor Who over the decades…
  • “DING-DING, BRING IT ON!” - Planet of the Dead’s Angela Whittaker, actress Victoria Alcock, chats to DWM about filming in Dubai, what happens when she drinks ros‚ and being the Eleventh Doctor’s companion (maybe!)
  • BENNY’S BACK! - Lisa Bowerman, star of the Seventh Doctor’s final adventure, Survival, talks to DWM about playing a Cheetah Person, the new series of Bernice Summerfield adventures, and what happened when she met with the Eleventh Doctor, Matt Smith…
  • NEXT STOP: MARS! - DWM examines the clues and tries to work out just what we can expect from the next Doctor Who Special, The Waters of Mars…
  • PLUS! - All the latest news, reviews, previews, competitions and much, much more!

Doctor Who Magazine #408 is out tomorrow, priced £3.99. Don’t miss it!

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