Monday, 27 April 2009

DW Finale News (Spoilers)

DAVID Tennant will bow out as the Doctor in explosive style.

Doctor Who fans will be treated to the most exciting finale the BBC1 show has ever seen as Tennant, 38, departs.

Even the inside of the Tardis gets blown to bits during the Christmas and New Year two-parter.

We have been leaked details about the plot and can reveal that Tennant’s Doctor will clash with old enemy The Master.

He also has to battle his fellow Time Lords after discovering they have turned evil.

We can also reveal the warning the Doctor received at the end of the Easter special that “He will knock four times” refers to The Master, played by John Simm, 38.

Companions Donna (Catherine Tate, 40), Martha (Freema Agyeman, 30), Captain Jack (John Barrowman, 41) and Sarah Jane (Lis Sladen, 61) also feature in the plot.

An insider said: “The producers are throwing everything they’ve got into Tennant’s finale. He will go out with a bang.”

Fans will see Tennant regenerate into the new Doctor Matt Smith at the end of the two-part festive special.

Smith, 26, will take on the lead role starting next spring.

The Daily Star reports the inside of the TARDIS is to be blown up in the Christmas special (it is due for an update, as the series is going High Definition, so this is likely)

They also say the Time Lords are returning, and they will have turned evil (I have already speculated about this here).

They also claim the Knock four times prediction means the Master, but Russell T Davies has gone on record claiming its not what you think, so who knows?

There is more information in the article, but the rest is nothing new,

The Daily Star has today leaked what they describe as ‘Top Secret Details’ about this year’s regeneration finale.

The tabloid claims that the TARDIS will be ’blown to bits’ during the two-parter, which will transmit on BBC One and BBC HD over Christmas and the New Year. It’s thought that the decision was made to destroy the spaceship to make way for the brand new console set which will be introduced with the 11th Doctor in Series Five.

Meanwhile, the newspaper also claims that not only will the Master be returning for the episodes, but the Doctor will also have to, as they put it, ’battle his fellow Time Lords after discovering they have turned evil’. Oh dear…

And finally - if the ’Star’ is to be believed - John Barrowman and Freema Agyeman will be reprising their roles of Jack Harkness and Martha Jones to help the Doctor do battle alongside Catherine Tate as Donna Noble, Bernard Cribbins as Wilf and Elisabeth Sladen as Sarah Jane (the last 3 of whom have already been spotted on set…)

“The producers are throwing everything they’ve got into Tennant’s finale,” a BBC source told the newspaper. “He will go out with a bang.”

It’s probably worth pointing out that the report is just a vague round-up of all the bits-and-bobs and fan speculation that has cropped up around the net over the past few weeks, so take its contents with a pinch of salt for now!

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