Sunday, 12 April 2009

Coming up Over the Next Couple of Months

Well thats it until Novemberish isn't it? - WRONG!

Next up is Sarah Jane Adventures Series 3, which starts filming in a week, so there should be pleanty of set reports and photographs. Filming the Doctor Who specials continues into May, so there should be more set reports and photographs!

Then there is Torchwood Children of Earth, probably transmitted in May or June, this will have a lot of publicity as the BBC want to break into BBC1 with it!

Steven Moffat starts filming Doctor Who Series 5 for an easter 2010 transmission, I'm unsure of a start date, but it will probably start July-ish, expect a lot of set reports and photographs too!

I think a Halloween (October 31st) transmission for The Waters of Mars is likely, its Noverber-ish, plus its a Saturday, and the trailer gives the impression that water is the enemy, so a few scares there!

Sarah Jane Adventures Series 3 transmits in November & December, the K9 series should start sometime here too.

Then there are the last two Doctor Who specials in December/January, I'm expecting transmission on Christmas day and New Years Day.

Plus a lot of you will be surprised to learn of another Doctor Who project, Doctor Who 2009, which has 13 episodes and starts next week on the internet, I intend to cover these!

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