Monday, 27 April 2009

Happy Birthday RTD

We’d just like to send our wishes to Russell T Davies, who’s celebrating his 46th birthday today.

Had it not been for Russell approaching the BBC and asking to bring back Doctor Who, the chances are we would still have our social lives - not to mention every other new series fansite which has cropped up since 2004 - would never have existed.

Well, the chances are somebody else at some other moment in time would’ve brought the good Doctor back to our screens, but even then it would’ve no doubt been a completely different show to the one we sit down to watch on Saturday nights now.

Those of you who have read The Writer’s Take will appreciate the hard work and dedication that Russell has put into the show these past few years, and the love that he has for it, and we think it’s his love that has driven the new series since its return in 2004, picking up a new generation of fans along the way.

So, we hope Russell has a fantastic day and we’d just like to thank him for taking away our social lives, proving to us that you CAN fall in love with a fictional character and, most of all, showing the world that sci-fi geeks DO have more fun…

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