Saturday, 11 April 2009

Planet of the Dead Review

Planet of the Dead opened, the Doctor was eating an Easter egg as I speculated, and wished us a Happy Easter!

Lady Christina de Souza didn't steal something egg related though! It was a golden challace worth £14 Million, which the Doctor ends up hammering to use as part of something to get home!

We where told by BBC Wales that untold horrors lurk beneath the sand, they weren't, they where in the air!

The Tritovores becoming iconic? I very much doubt it! And they were not cybernetic as that famous comic, the Sun, claimed (stop laughing, please!).

Lee Evans played a Doctor NOT a Professor as I correctly reported :) He was a fan of the Doctor, but thats all!

The Doctor is told by a passenger your song will end soon and He will knock 4 times. The song ending is from the Ood, I assume the knock 4 times is the masters tap of the fingers,

The next episode is called The Waters of Mars, and Russell T Davies tells us it will be on november-ish.

Overall a good story, I really enjoyed it, and going to Dubai was worth it too!

Sadly a TV feed crash meant I didn't get the trailer, but I'm sure I'll have it shortly, along with the episode, and confidential too, so call back often

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