Friday, 10 April 2009

Planet of the Dead Teasers

The wait is nearly over, folks! This time tomorrow we’ll be just hours away from the anticipated premiere of this year’s Easter special, Planet of the Dead.

In the mean time, we’ve got seven EXCLUSIVE teasers to whet your appetites, one of which we’ve made up. Can you spot the lie?

We’ve hidden the teasers for those of you who don’t to be spoiled, but for those of you who do, highlight the white space below to see our clues!

1) The Doctor wishes Christina a “Happy Easter!” while enjoying his very own chocolate egg!
2) The Doctor and Christina share a quick kiss.
3) The Doctor uses a mobile phone to ring UNIT.
4) Malcolm is a Doctor obsessive and has photos of the Time Lord all over his bedroom wall.
5) The TARDIS is found parked in the gardens at Buckingham Palace.
6) Lady Christina is arrested.
7) The contents of Lady Christina’s bag include a hammer and a spade.

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