Saturday, 25 April 2009

Anderson to be the Rani

According to tabloid reports this week, Gillian Anderson will appear in the fifth series of Doctor Who as one of the Doctor’s arch-enemies - the Rani.

The American actress, who has already made her mark in the wonderful world of sci-fi following her portrayal of Dana Scully in the hit US series, The X-Files, has apparanetly signed up to appear as the renegade Time Lord alongside Matt Smith’s Eleventh Doctor in 2010.

The Rani, an evil, scientific genius, was originally played by Kate O’Mara, and was first seen in Doctor Who in the 1985 serial The Mark of the Rani. Her return has been heavily rumoured since the show was brought back to our screens, and producers are positive that Anderson is the perfect choice to take on the infamous role.

“Gillian obviously has a massive sci-fi following following and it’s felt it would be a major coup to have her appear in Doctor Who,” a source told the Daily Express.

They added: “It would undoubtedly be regarded as one of those great sci-fi moments if the star of The X-Files gets to clash with the Doctor.”

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