Sunday, 19 April 2009

Set Report from Filming at Wookey Hole Caves 17/04/09

Set reporters looked all around Cardiff for last nights shooting, and couldn't find it, and now we know why, it was in Somerset! Luckily some photos and a set report still got out, this from EmmaG892:

Whilst out and about with friends yesterday I got a call from a relative who informed me that a load of vans were parked up in Wookey Hole Caves car park and that there were a load of them and she asked what kind the who filming used.

After a while we headed towards that way just to have a look, as it turns out it was them so we hung about for a while but then got chucked out of the car park. We then took a walk and found a nice public area we could use to look down upon the base. David Tennant turned up about half six and went straight into his trailer. We walked back to behind the base and stayed there for a bit but everybody seemed a bit edgy, Tennant was running everywhere so nobody could get a good picture, and there was a few extras dressed it what I could only describe as tunics kinda monk like. I overheard them saying they were filming in the Witches Parlour Cave bit which from visiting before is quite deep in the caves. At about 7.40pm Tennant got into a car and drove away to the caves which is when we left as there was nothing at all to see!

The person in the last photograph is Tenannt, he has his head down!

A big thanx to EmmaG892 for the set report and the photographs!

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