Wednesday, 15 April 2009

DW Filming Report 14/04/09

Well there was some filming yesterday, but it was on the docks in an area which was very hidden. I think quite a few set reporters ventured out but didn't really see anything at all...

Hmmm, tricksy BBC

But this is a report from Martinc:
Got back a while ago - there was still filming going on in the docks at about 5. They were round the back of the docks, filming on some piles of rubble.

No idea what they were actually filming, but I did notice all the crew were wearing high-viz jackets for health and safety, and the cast weren't - which made them a bit easier to spot. I *think* I saw DT walking towards the crew (long brown coat - probably him), and I also saw someone with bleached hair in a hoody stood on top of one of the piles of rubble. I'm not certain it was john simm, but it looked like him.

So thats another vague sighting of John Simm - they're being very careful with him aren't they?!

A huge thanks to martinc and any other set reporter who took a chance to see what was going on :)

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