Monday, 27 April 2009

Set Report from Caerphilly castle 27/04/09

They're at Caerphilly Castle filming Doctor Who, inside the East Gatehouse (on the left in the second picture), in the Constables Hall and Broase Gallery. From the guidebook, the Hall looks grand and is newly refurbished, opening to the public in August. The gallery is apparently a narrow passageway above the Great Hall. Their plan is to finish there today, by 9 or 10pm, but may continue tomorrow morning if necessary.

I saw plenty of crew coming and going: Peter Bennett, Danny Hargreaves, main wardrobe and makeup people, sound and camera guys. It looked like the main unit, but couldn't be sure.

I saw two supporting actresses in matching white blouses, black trousers, chunky black shoes. One was blonde, one with black hair. I couldn't recognise either of them. I was reminded of the two who left Tredegar House with coats over their heads, white labcoats, black trousers and chunky shoes. Then again, since they're supporting artists and probably not well-known, why hide their faces? I was told David Tennant wasn't there, but couldn't verify that either way.

There was definitely effects work going on. A greenscreen went in, as did the reflective globe they use for CGI reference.

Special thanx to Alun.Vega for the photographs and set report!

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