Sunday, 12 April 2009


According to unofficial overnight figures, Planet of the Dead was watched by 8.41 million viewers, a 39.6% share of the audience. An additional 184,000 watched the programme on BBC HD, the channel's highest rating so far.

Doctor Who was the most watched programme on BBC1 for the day and had the second highest rating on all TV. ITV1 got the highest rating of the night with 10.52 million watching Britain's Got Talent. Up against Doctor Who, Primeval got only 2.71 million. Robin Hood got 5.26 million watching.

This makes Doctor Who the eighth most watched programme of the week so far.

On BBC3 Doctor Who Confidential, got 0.46 million watching, a 2.2% share.

Final figures will be released in 10 days time.

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