Sunday, 1 March 2009

Filming Report from Victoria Place Newport

 This is cobbled together from posts by Simon Watkins, Ahremsee, alun.vega, Scooty, BroadwayBaby, and victoria feller. Apologies if I've missed anyone! 

The trucks began arriving at about 3.30pm, the road was closed at 4pm.

David Tennant uses his sonic screwdriver and wore his blue suit and when not filming a blue anorak!

Street signs report this is a congestion charge zone with fines of 3000 yen, its also a low emissions zone, hydrogen powered vehicles only.

One scene was the Doctor goes to the TARDIS, he looks to the left, shocked and falls to his knees. What has he seen that shocks him so?

David Tennant didn't come over to the fans, though he waved and smiled a couple of times. His whole body language didn't look that positive, it might have been the time of the day and the workload, but he definitely looked agitated.

Lindsay Duncans belt held a small holster and handgun. The robot had the words GADGET written on its front. The eye of the robot lit up.

Although there was snow, no Christmas decorations were about, not even trees in windows. All the windows that would have been in the camera view were lit but draped. The line after David Tennant says Aww, snow, I love snow! is delivered by the other male actor, who holds out his hands to feel it falling and says Its not snow!

Filming carried on till roughly about 3.30am.

Seen on set: David Tennant, Lindsay Duncan, Ood Sigma (Played by Paul Kasey), Friendly Robot, the TARDIS, Graeme Harper.

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