Friday, 6 March 2009

DW DVD Files Online

Several issues of the Doctor Who DVD Files magazine have been released in the UK and Ireland since the magazine and DVD series was launched by publisher GE Fabbri in January. The content of the magazine has now been made available online for the benefit of fans who already own the DVD episodes or who live outside of Great Britain or Eire.

"We were contacted by loads of people who already owned the DVDs but were interested in the new magazine," explains project manager at GE Fabbri, Ben Robinson, "so we decided to explore a new online opportunity which would also let us reach out to fans who normally wouldn’t be able to get hold of Doctor Who DVD Files.”

The content of the first two issues is available on the site as a free preview. The magazine contains features on the Doctor, his companions, enemies and adventures (including "Flashback" features to stories from classic Doctor Who, accompanied by original artwork by Lee Sullivan and Tom Connell). Features in the first two issues include profiles of Mickey, Rose, and the Face of Boe; Davros, the Master and the Zygons; behind-the-scenes interviews with Will Cohen of the Mill (the company which creates all the computer-generated imagery for Doctor Who) and model-maker Mike Tucker; episode features for the first four episodes of Series One; a survey of the Doctor's early life before he left Gallifrey; and "technology" features of the TARDIS, Cyber-upgrades and the Slitheen ship that crashed into Big Ben in "Aliens of London", the last including a detailed cut-away drawing of the ship.

The content of subsequent issues is available on the website by monthly or yearly subscription. A subscription to the online content also includes access to over 150 pages of Tenth Doctor comics which originally appeared in the pages of Doctor Who: Battles in Time from the same publisher. More content will be made available as each issue of the magazine is released every two weeks.

The publishers will also enter everyone who subscribes online before May 31, 2009 into a prize drawing to win one of 10 radio controlled Supreme Daleks. The magazine content and subscription information are available here.

The magazine also has a website here, which contains downloads, games and interviews.

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