Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Tennant The End is Near

David Tennant is interviewed in this week’s edition of Radio Times, which also boasts a stunning exclusive Planet of the Dead cover.

While the interview itself is to promote this year’s Easter special (just 2 days to go, folks!), David also briefly mentions the Tenth Doctor’s upcoming regeneration…

“You can sense the bell tolling for the Tenth Doctor,” he told the magazine. “Something happens in (Special #2) that fundamentally alters who the Doctor is and where he is, which is the sort of thing you can only do when you know that you’re coming to an end. That’s very exciting, and quite sad.”

He added: “The end is nigh. You can sense the Grim Reaper knocking on the door. But how many times?”

You can read the full Planet of the Dead article, which also features some new pictures, as well as exclusive interviews with director James Strong and Michelle Ryan, in this week’s Radio Times, out now, priced £1.10.

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