Monday, 6 April 2009

Nant Fawr Road Set Report by Dorkslayer

A big thanx to Dorkslayer for this set report...

There were a few scenes where Bernard Cribbins accuses the Doctor of being a chicken! It seems the Doctor was afraid of something or someone. Wilf on a military radio talking to UNIT as though he was on an operation.

Another scene was of Wilf sitting dejected on his doorstep. The doctor throws a stone at him, and he comes over. Will says "You can't park that (The Tardis) there, Donna will see it". The Doctor says something like "I lost him." Then asks Wilf if he has seen anything unusual, something to do with his life. Wilf replies that Donna had a bit of a funny turn when she saw the Book.

A bit more Dialogue and they both get into the Tardis. The Doctor did not want Wilf to go but Wilf says I am not staying here with her, indicating towards Sylvia, he then gets in the Tardis. Sylvia shouts "Bring my father back" and the Tardis disappears. Donna then appears from the house and says "Are you shouting at thin air again Mother?"

The Book is called Fighting the Future and is by Joshua Naismith. I have close ups of the book. David Tennant is carrying it from the house into the Tardis.

Finally, Last scene shot in the rain, David Tennant and Bernard Cribbins outside the Tardis. The doctor says to Wilf just before leaving, Something like "This is not the end, we will meet again". Wilf asks him where he is going. Now I really could not hear David Tennant too well as he is very softly spoken but I am pretty sure as he is getting into the Tardis that he said "I am off to have my revenge" However I think I was mistaken as I was in the window and he had his back to me. Then the Doctor leaves in the Tardis.

Thanx to Dorkslayer fo this!

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