Friday, 5 December 2008

Replica Daleks To Make

DR WHO fans could well be in clover this Christmas if they manage to unwrap one of these from under the Christmas tree.
AIRFIX has just released a kit with both Dalek Caan and Dalek Sec in it to bring to life with your own hands, some pieces of plastic and a litte tube of glue.
Each is 14cm tall and is packed full of enough electronic gubbins to make them come to life.
The Daleks in Manhattan range come hot on the heels of last year's must-have TARDIS pack and are pretty good value at £29.99 when you consider how long it's going to take to put together.
The kits also include a stage for fans to recreate the Daleks in Manhattan episode plus all the paint and sticky suff you'll need.
They are due out in the third week of December and will surely sell fast - so put a note in the diary to pick one up before all stocks are exterminated

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