Thursday, 14 May 2009

The Return Of The Ice Warriors & UNIT To Our Screens

Fire and Ice, part of the high quality fan made series Doctor Who 2009, features the return of the Ice Warriors, a race of reptilian monsters from Mars, who first appeared in the BBC TV series Doctor Who in 1967 and we last saw in 1974. I'm sure you will all agree their return is long overdue! The Ice Warriors are played by Jonathan Davis and their Ice Lord commander, Lord Slyzrr, is portrayed and voiced by Matthew Johnson.

Fire and Ice also features the covert military organization UNIT which has become a regular in BBC TVs Doctor Who. However, as attentive fans have noticed from the trailers, they are going by their old name of the United Nations Intelligence Taskforce and not the current Unified Intelligence Taskforce.

I am supporting and covering Doctor Who 2009, so I will keep you up with all news and information, plus episodes as they are made available! I an already talking to the makers, so more soon

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