Sunday, 17 May 2009

is Ood Sigma the Doctor's Watcher

With conformation Ood Sigma is in 4:18, and rumours about appearances in 4:17 and The Waters Of Mars, I have to ask why?

When the Doctor left The Ood, he had just helped free them from slavery, so I don't think Ood Sigma is out to get him, so perhaps he is there to help the Doctor in a difficult Regeneration, after all he has already used up some regeneration energy creating 10.5 (the Meta-Crisis Doctor). This is in the same way Doctor 4 had help from the Watcher. The Ood has red eyes though, does that mean someones controlling him?

You kept seeing the Watcher throughout the story, he was just watching the Doctor, then when needed for the Regeneration, he did this...

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