Sunday, 24 May 2009

DWM 409 and DWM 200 Golden moments Details

he cover for DWM’s 409th issue has been released! Inside, the team try their best to answer one of the greatest mysteries that’s always surrounded the Doctor… yep, you guessed it - just how many regenerates does a Time Lord have?!

Also inside, there’s a look back at a classic series adventure (the 1973 fan favourite The Three Doctors!), and director Euros Lyn talks exclusively about what we can expect to see in the Tenth Doctor’s final curtain call…

There’s also a chance for you to win a copy of this year’s Easter special, Planet of the Dead, on DVD, and all the latest news, reviews and interviews.

As always, a more detailed press release will be made available closer to the magazine’s release.

DWM 409 will be released on Thursday 28th May, priced £3.99.

In other DWM news… Its latest special issue, called 200 Golden Moments, is out to buy in the UK now. It showcases some of the best scenes from all 200 adventures that have graced our screens since the show first appeared on air back in 1963.

From the very first glimpse of the inside of the TARDIS, to the arrival of an ordinary double-decker bus on an extraordinary alien world, the series has included countless golden moments that have entertained, shocked, surprised and thrilled audiences of all ages across the world.

And with contributions from the show’s head writer, Steven Moffat (as well as script writers Paul Cornell, James Moran, Gareth Roberts, Robert Shearman and Joseph Lidster, and novelists Peter Anghelides, Stephen Cole, Kate Orman, Jonathan Morris and Gary Russell!), DWM’s 200 Golden Moments is an affectionate tribute to the greatest television series of all time!

Doctor Who Magazine proudly presents 200 Golden Moments - out now priced £6.99!

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