Thursday, 7 May 2009

Barrowman Responds to fans

A few days ago, John Barrowman was spotted in Cardiff filming a scene for this year’s Doctor Who finale, confirming his return as Captain Jack Harkness for David Tennant’s last episode. Or so we thought…

The man himself has since denied the fact his character will be making a comeback at some point in the Tenth Doctor’s regeneration story, simply claiming that a picture was taken of him whilst he was out shopping in Tesco’s (wearing his Captain Jack costume!) and superimposed onto a different background to make it look like he was busy at work on location.

“I hate to burst your bubble,” he told DigitalSpy. “But I do have my own Captain Jack outfit, and all my fans know I do. I have everything. And that actually was me, coming out of Tesco. Running to my car.”

He added: “They just superimposed me in a different sequence because it’s newsworthy. And I tell you the honest to God truth, I haven’t seen a script. I have no clue what everyone’s talking about.”

No doubt he’s trying his darn hardest to keep what happens in the finale tightly under wraps, despite the fact he was seen arriving and leaving on set by eagle-eyed fans who were also present at the time…

God bless the Barrowman! Who knows what he’ll come out with next? Probably another album, actually…

In an interview with Digital Spy today, John Barrowman is clearly attempting to insult the intelligence of the interviewer and his fans who love to see him play Captain Jack Harkness.

Barrowman argues with the interviewer, claiming that he wasn't seen coming out of the Tiger Tiger club last week after filming a scene for the Doctor Who finale, instead he claims he was coming out of Tescos, just look at his attitude, its not an interview, he tells nothing, he is clearly mocking Digital Spy!

Dave added on my Cbox - According to Google.maps, the nearest Tesco to Tiger Tiger is a Petrol Station Tesco and its a 10 minute walk from Tiger Tiger :)

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