Sunday, 17 May 2009

More News on Billie piper Filming at Brandon estate 15/05/09

Doctor Who fans up and down the land rejoiced last night (we personally screamed for hours and played Because We Want To at the highest volume possible!) when Billie Piper was spotted on set filming scenes for David Tennant’s last episode.

The actress was pictured filming in South London as Rose Tyler, with Camille Coduri, who plays her mother, Jackie. They were shooting scenes at the location used for their council estate, the Powell Estate, in Series 1 and 2.

David Tennant was also spotted on set, and while crew members asked fans who were lucky enough to watch the filming first hand to refrain from taking pictures and posting what they saw online, we’ve managed to put together a short description of what we think was going on. Highlight below to reveal, but please be aware that it contains HUGE spoilers for the Tenth Doctor’s regeneration story.

Based on what has been posted online, we can safely assume that the scenes being shot with Billie aren’t set in the present day, and dialogue that was heard suggests that it’s instead set in 2005 (January 1st 2005, perhaps?) - before Rose had even met the Doctor

One of the scenes filmed featured the Doctor and Rose, and saw the Doctor ‘clutching onto the wall in apparant distress’ (has he regeneration started?), and Rose walking over and asking ‘You alright, mate?’, which just about confirms that in this particular scene, Rose has no idea who the man is!

Whatever’s going on, it’s certainly very exciting, and it’s clear that Russell is pulling out all the stops to make both his and David’s last episode the biggest and most intriguing to date…

Is it December yet?

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