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Report from Filming Last night at Brandon Estat London SE17 15/05/09

Three more from last night, David Tennant and Billie Piper came over to those watching and asked them not to post anything that is a spoiler, so we don't know how much more we will get, however the press where there too, and they are known to have no scruples

This report from Starship Trooper;

Well I arrived around 9.30'ish

The crew/cameras were all set up with a tent by the side for the actors/crew etc and monitors.

Snow, amazing graffiti and lots of Christmas lights from balconies/ buildings.

It was unbelievably quiet - which was the best thing about it, no loud annoying crowds or trouble at all (accept for the in-ebriated lady who was over excited and the in-ebriated angry lady who insisted upon walking her dog through the middle of the roped off scene area on the parade! Of course David & Bill took this in their stride!

The parade was sealed off at both ends - the Tardis was there parked by the side all lit up nicely.

Billy & Camille were filming their stuff for a couple of hours, then David arrived!

There was some funny horseplay between filming and obvious affection between David and Billy they seemed really happy to be filming together again.

They bounced over to us from nowhere and chatted, signed autographs, had photos done (Billy couldn't give us her toothy grin as she had a mouth full of bournbon biccies!) - well there were so few of us and it was a nice atmosphere in which to meet them no mobbing, screeching or demanding fans - just us and them! (Oh and the wonderfully dedicated Vicster & her friend!)

How brilliant is that!

So that's when David & Billy asked us to please not reveal or post about anything we see or hear being filmed - darn it! Like I said earlier tho - can't refuse the Doctor!

It was amazing being on the 'Powell Estate' seeing it for real, with snow! (At brief moments a mini blizzard was being whipped up!) where it all begun...full circle...

Due to the closeness we were able to really observe the filming process and Euros/ Julie G/ Danny H/ Camille/ Billy/ David etc at work which was very insightful.

The locals must all have been 'darn' the boozer init!'

There were some kids hanging out on the balconies opposite but not many and really well behaved whenever hush was called for by the crew they got it.

Sadly can't say anymore - the paps were there and if they print pics/ spoilers then I guess it'll be alright for me to post the pics etc that I've got.

Although annoyingly my camera isnt working right now so It's off to ASDA to copy the pics etc to disc then at least I can post the photo of me an Bill!

Certainly a night to remember!

The Daily Mail have a report with pictures on last nights filming at Brandon Estate, London SE17. There is nothing in the report of use really, but the photographs are great!

The scene filmed seems to be this; its new year 2005, Rose and Jackie are walking through the snow, the Doctor passes them, wounded, he asks the year, (Rose hasn't seen David Tennant yet remember) Rose replies 2005 mate, the Doctor then predicts a good year for Rose! This was for the last Tennant episode

Their on-screen pairing as Rose and The Doctor made both Billie Piper and David Tennant household names.
So it was only fitting that new mother Billie should return to Doctor Who for Tennant 's final two episodes as the Timelord.
The 26-year-old actress joins an all-star cast for the emotional send-off of the popular star.

Yesterday Tennant, dressed in the Doctor's signature suited style, was seen filming some of his last scenes from the sci-fi family drama.

He clutched the wall in apparent distress as he walked through air swirling with snow in a Cardiff Street.

Billie had earlier filmed scenes nearby, wrapped in scraf and gloves, and the two were seen chatting together in a break from filming.

The final two episodes will be broadcast over the Christmas period and will see Tennant regenerate as Matt Smith, who replaces him as the 11th Doctor.

It will also be the last of Russell T Davies’ four 2009 specials and signals the end of his five years as head writer.

He has breathed new life into the show and is bound to be planning a dramatic ending to his successful run on the show

Scottish writer Steven Moffat will take over as executive producer for a new series in 2010.

This week it was revealed that veteran actress Claire Bloom will appear in a cameo role as The Doctor's mother.

She joins comedienne Catherine Tate, who plays the Doctor's occasional companion Donna Noble and actor Bernard Cribbins, who plays Noble's grandfather Wilfred

Veteran actress June Whitfield - best known in recent times for playing Edina’s mother in Absolutely Fabulous - has also been spotted in the city.

She and Cribbins are long-time friends and appeared together on screen in Carry On Columbus in 1992.
Other new faces joining the filming are Hi-de-Hi! actor Barry Howard and Karl Collins, who plays Danny Glaze in The Bill.

Thanx to 39 Austin for these photographs
Thanx go to Stephen Ackroyd for the first two and Schehera for the Tardis photograph!

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