Saturday, 2 May 2009

June Whitfields Character revealed

DWM408 have printed some information about June Whitfields character in the Doctor Who Christmas episode.

June will play a charter called Minnie Hooper, so the Sun where wrong again! They claimed she was to be called Henrietta Goodheart and the episode called Beautiful Chaos, but they got all that from a book of the same name, read about it here. IMHO they need to stop their second rate internet journalism and start to earn the title journalist!

CARRY On legend June Whitfield will appear in David Tennant’s last Doctor Who episode.
The Ab Fab mum, 83, is filming in Cardiff as Henrietta Goodheart for the episode Beautiful Chaos.

She was with her long-term pal Bernard Cribbins, who plays the grandad of Donna Noble (Catherine Tate).

Tennant admitted he wept as he read the last script, which reveals how the Time Lord is killed off.

He regenerates in the form of new Doctor Matt Smith.

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