Sunday, 17 May 2009

DW 4.17 and 4.18 scenes

These are the only confirmed scene numbers we are aware of, for the two-part Doctor Who finale (4.17 & 4.18):

Episode 4.17
Scene 5A: A busy Christmas street: Santa, a band, shoppers, and Wilf! (Wharton St)
Scene 47: Wilf is taking a Sparrow Lane bus.

Episode 4.18
Scene 007: the 10th Doctor visits Rose and Jackie (Brandon Estate).
Scene 130: Black-clad guards patrol in front of a mansion house (Tredegar House).
Scene 139: Sylvia and people look up in fear in the street outside Donna's house (Nant Fawr Rd).
Scene 147: Sylvia and people rejoice in the street (Nant Fawr Rd).
Scene 153: The Doctor saves Luke and bids Sarah Jane goodbye (Clinton Street).
Scene 155: The Doctor meets Verity (Blackwells bookshop).

All work done by Alun.Vega, who we thank for this!

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