Monday, 25 May 2009

DW Dreamland Animation News

The Doctor gets a second animated outing starring Georgia Moffett and David Warner and there's some news of another 'special project'...

Debuting in "Autumn," a new animated Doctor Who story, entitled Dreamland, will be hitting the small screen through the BBC's red button service and Children's BBC. There will be seven episodes comprising of approximately six minutes. Viewers may remember The Infinite Quest from 2007 which ran on the show Totally Doctor Who and was subsequently released on DVD.

Starring as The Doctor is David Tennant and he will be joined by: Georgia Moffett (The Doctor's Daughter) though she is not playing Jenny, her character is called Cassie Rice; the voice of Bernice Summerfield, Lisa Bowerman (Survival); and the legendary David Warner (Tron, Time Bandits). Warner is also no stranger to Doctor Who having played the Time Lord himself in a 2003 audio play (reprising the role in 2008).

The writer for Dreamland is Phil Ford who is one of the few to pen stories for the triumvirate of Doctor Who, The Sarah Jane Adventures and Torchwood. His Who story, The Waters of Mars (due to be broadcast in November), was co-written with Russell T Davies. Directing the project is Who stalwart Gary Russell.

In this month's Doctor Who Magazine, RTD hints that a third special project might be on the way (David Tennant's appearance in The Sarah Jane Adventures being the first), he says: "... it would be nice to round things off with a Special Project 3... I can promise, it's worth waiting for!"

Den of Geek have some news taken from DWM209, about the forthcoming Doctor Who animated series.

Doctor Who Dreamland debuts this Autumn, and will be seven episodes each approximately 6 minutes long. It will be available through the BBCs red button service and the CBBC channel.

David Tennant plays the Doctor, Georgia Moffett plays Cassie Rice (she is NOT playing Jenny :) ), it will also feature Lisa Bowerman and David Warner. It is written by Phil Ford and Gary Russ is Directing!

Russell T Davies hints that a third special project might be on the way (David Tennants appearance in The Sarah Jane Adventures being the first, and the above the 2nd), he says ... it would be nice to round things off with a Special Project #3, I can promise its worth waiting for.

I am very pleased to finally read conformation that the 30 episode anime style animation is rubbish! A friend of mine has a friend involved in the production of Dreamland, he told me weeks ago it is in a similar style to The Infinite Quest!

Fans will be treated to a brand new Tenth Doctor animated adventure this Autumn, it has been confirmed.

Dreamland, written by Phil Ford and directed by Gary Russell, will be an exciting series made up of seven 6-minute episodes (when put together, the short segments will make up the length of a full story).

The series will transmit on BBC One as part of the channel’s afternoon CBBC segment and will also be made available to watch again via the red button service, as well as on the programme’s official website.

The Doctor will, naturally, be played by David Tennant, and Georgia Moffett (seen in Series 4’s The Doctor’s Daughter as Jenny) will be starring as Cassie Rice. Lisa Bowerman will voice a character called Bernice Summerfield, and David Warner is also set to appear.

Dreamland will be the second animated adventure for the Time Lord, after 2007’s The Infinite Quest which was broadcast weekly as part of CBBC’s Totally Doctor Who programme.

We’ll bring you more Dreamland news as and when - stick with us

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