Friday, 22 May 2009

More Master Realted news on DW

This has just been posted on DWF, it supports the claims that John Simm is returning as the Master for the Doctor Who Finale.

My father is involved in the special constabulary here in South Wales. He regularly attends meetings and during one recently, one of the volunteer coppers chatted to him about myself being a DW fan. This lady works for one of the catering agencies used by the production team. She informed Dad that she had been at Tredegar House recently, at the same time as those wonderful set reporters on this site had snapped away. Part of her role that day was to cook and check the temperature of a lot of hamburgers which John Simm had to eat as part of his scenes.

All the above is true as far as its been told to me second hand. My Father, although approaching 70 and likely senility, knows not to fib to me in any aspect of the Whoniverse!

Thanx to MikeW for the info!

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