Tuesday, 27 January 2009

The transcript of Planet of The Dead

here is all that is readable, from the transcript

A marble plinth, centre......
marble drinking cup. Solid.....
Gl...[BBC Logo]... levels. This is the CUP OF....


And, activating -

He throws a big lever on the wall.

FX: there are four free-standing poles in a square around
the plynth, and from them, a FENCE (OF BLUE LASER BEAMS
activates. Low hum of power. The square of guards are
standing outside the fence, all facing out.


Night then, boys.

He leaves. Footsteps echoing. The door shuts, SLAM!

Silence. Guards on duty.

PAN up to the room, from the PLINTH & FX BEAMS, to

The ceiling. A panel slides open silently -

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