Sunday, 18 January 2009

The Bride of Davros (spoof)

Paris Hilton has signed up for a leading role in one of the upcoming Doctor Who specials in 2009 entitled 'The Bride Of Davros'.

An insider on the hit show stated: "Paris is a major casting coup for the show and really raises the bar. We've been waiting to find the right role for her for some time, and she was our first choice to portray the shady temptress who will lure Dalek creator Davros down the aisle.

"The BBC really hope to boost the profile of Doctor Who in the United States and when we learnt that Paris is as fond of Daleks as she is of Chihuahuas then we knew we were on to a winner."

Hilton has previously appeared in the films Zoolander and The House Of Wax, but this will make her first dramatic role in TV.

Filming is scheduled to begin in March and the 60-minute special, in which David Tennant will play the Time Lord, is likely to be shown at Christmas.

Breaking news... we interrupt this news bulletin to report that the above story is absolute fabricated codswallop of the highest order

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