Thursday, 29 January 2009

Damaged Bus Used in Dubai

Extensive damage was caused to a bus due to be used in Dubai for filming Doctor Who special Planet of the Dead.Dubai newspaper 7DAYS has uploaded a report with picture showing the double-decker's roof crushed. It says the vehicle was damaged by a crane operator at Dubai port as it was being brought into the United Arab Emirates state.

The left side of the bus was also crushed inwards, windows were smashed, the frame was bent and paint was ripped from the roof. The vehicle is currently being repaired. (NB: The 7DAYS report could be considered to contain a minor spoiler.)

The accident has also been covered by BBC News, the Telegraph and The Sun. (NB: Both newspaper reports contain plot details.)Although parts of the story's script had to be rewritten, the BBC said that filming was "continuing as normal". Another bus is being used for filming in Cardiff.

BBC editors are scrambling to rewrite a Dubai-based episode of Dr Who after the time traveller’s double-decker bus was smashed by a crane operator at Dubai port. The damage, estimated at tens of thousands of dirhams, has delayed filming of the hit show, which is to base one of four special episodes in Dubai. While the bus may look like it was attacked by the show’s evil Cybermen, it was an unloading accident that left BBC staff rushing to rewrite the plotline to Dr Who’s Dubai visit.

One person familiar with the bus accident said that the BBC will now make it look as if the bus was crushed by Dr Who’s enemies. 7DAYS was able to gain access to the bus, which is being repaired at AAA service centre near Festival City.

Gordon, a manager at AAA, said that the bus had suffered impact damage and that the garage was awaiting further instructions from the BBC. The show was due to revolve around a plot in which the time-travelling doctor is zapped to Dubai and faces an “unexpected detour into danger”. However, the detour will now appear more dangerous than previously anticipated, as his bus’ top deck shows extensive damage.

The left side of the bus has been crushed inwards, windows have been smashed, the frame has been bent and paint has been ripped from the roof.The incongruous-looking destination board on the front of the bus remained intact, showing that it was destined for ‘Victoria Station in London, via Vauxhall, Oval and Brixton’.A spokeswoman for a private public relations company that represents the show has declined to comment, saying she could not discuss material for future episodes.

The accident is a minor embarrassment for Dubai tourist officials, who were hoping to promote the city to fans of the show, which is watched by millions of fans from around the world. It is among the top five highest-grossing BBC shows and is also one of the British state broadcaster’s longest running series

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