Thursday, 1 January 2009

Report - Doctor Who proms

What a great program The Doctor Who Proms was! The audience seemed to be made up of families, and the children looked terrified at times, and ecstatic with excitement at others! It was great to see the monsters walking around the audience too. You can read all about the show and the music played here. Also included was The Music Of The Spheres mini-episode!

I should have the full program either for viewing or for download by tomorrow, but if your in the UK you can watch it here.

The non-Doctor Who tracks are missing this time, but an uncut version of the proms will be available to watch on red button from the 12th January, which I also hope to have a copy of. I understand there is some behind the scenes material on red-button ATM.

I hope the Doctor Who Proms will become a regular, or semi-regular event!

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