Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Bus gets damaged

DOCTOR Who is in chaos after a classic bus being used for filming was EXTERMINATED.
Bosses hired two £20,000 double deckers which were central to the plot of the Easter special.
They shot scenes of star David Tennant on one in Cardiff — while shipping the other to Dubai for filming there.

But a crane operator managed to “total” the second 1980 Bristol VR model while unloading it in Dubai docks.
Series boss Russell T Davies exploded when he heard there was no way of getting a replacement in time.

Only last week he revealed the show revolved around the Doctor taking a “bus trip which takes an unexpected detour into danger”.

Davies was forced to rip up the script and write a new plotline.
An insider said: “This has thrown a massive spanner in the works — the bus was a key part of the episode.
“The scenes in the UK may well have to be scrapped. Russell is not best pleased and is trying to think of some way round it.”
To ship the bus to Dubai would have cost the BBC around £7,000. And production in the Middle East state is costing an estimated £30,000 a week.

The storyline for Planet Of The Dead sees Lady Christina de Souza — played by ex-EastEnder Michelle Ryan — pull off a jewellery heist and escape on the bus where she meets the Timelord.
The bus had already caused a headache with fans disrupting filming in Wales. They kept pressing the buttons at pedestrian crossings, causing the bus to stop.

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