Thursday, 1 January 2009

Next Doctor to be Announced this Saturday

These is a serious rumour circulating that during the Ten Doctors special on BBC1 on Saturday, they will be announcing the next actor to play the Doctor. I'm not one to fall for rumours, but it looks to me like this may have some backbone, after all, why show this special at prime-time on a Saturday evening, when its all just repeat footage? This program should be on BBC3 not BBC1, so what is the reason?

I'll be watching, and if it happens, you can be sure of an immediate post to tell you all. This may end up being a red herring, but could it be Patterson Joseph? Or will it be someone who hasn't been mentioned yet?

Season five will go into pre-production in the next few months, the next Doctor will be leaked by someone, so the BBC have to announce it before this!

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