Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Episode 15 Planet of the Dead

Planet of the Dead

The Easter special will be the Doctor's wildest, maddest adventure yet, with the Doctor travelling without a companion, and without the TARDIS.... "dark forces are gathering. The Gate is waiting, and life will never be the same again."
Radio Times

It features a young female companion, a new monster, and the treatment contains the words 'jewel', 'fly', and 'chamber'

The script contains the words 'Athelstan', 'posh' and 'chirrup' and the line 'wonder what she gets up to of an evening' as well as the immortal words, "Hello, I'm the Doctor"

The episode will feature UNIT, and two characters: Christina and Malcom.
When talking about companions for the specials, RTD mentioned Christina and said "watch the sparks fly". He also said jokingly that the "M character will have a spinoff series"

Regarding UNIT:
  • There is a rumour of the Brig appearing in a special.
  • In the commentary for "The Poison Sky", while discussing the Colonel Mace/Captain Price kiss: "To be continued. We'll see more of them."
  • Noma Dumezweni, who played UNIT Captain Asira Mogambo ('Turn Left') is filming for one week in January (though allegedly with Graeme Harper)
As well as this, there is apparently a "great" guest star lined up.

There are rumors that this special is set on a desert world to which present-day humans are transported by aliens. The desert world will apparently be shot in Tunisia (coinciding with news about filming abroad for 4 days in an "exotic" place).

Aliens & Enemies
Apparently RTD gave an outline involving Sea Devils to Roberts to flesh out, but Roberts may have gone with a new monster or the Hath instead. Either way, weird alien pictograms have been mentioned in Production Notes.

And thats all for now. Filming stars soon so I guess there'll be more info rolling in! What I want to know is where the TARDIS goes. I love the TARDIS.

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