Sunday, 11 January 2009

Barrowman Talking about Series 3 of Torchwood

What can you tell us about the new series of Torchwood?
"It's five episodes stripped from Monday to Friday and we're moving to BBC One. The reason we're doing only five episodes is because we need to make an impact on One. If we were to do an entire series, the show might kinda float around and not really be recognised."

Any teasers on what might happen in the new episodes?
"Well, you'll find out more about Jack's dark past and a lot about Gwen too. There's going to be some deaths, some new faces, some surprises and an event that will almost destroy the world. There's also going to be a shocking event instigated by Jack that people will be totally floored by."

Are you missing Naoko Mori and Burn Gorman?
"Of course I miss them. Naoko and Burn were part of our family and the characters of Toshiko and Owen were so important to the show. The first couple of days we started filming in the hub again, it felt a bit empty so we put pictures of them up on our desks. Naoko and Burn will always be part of Torchwood because they were there at the beginning and helped to make the show what it is today."

Are they mentioned much in the new episodes?
"Oh yeah, we mention them, and Toshiko even got a mention in the last episode of Doctor Who. Plus there are plans to do more some Torchwood radio programmes because the first one was so popular - it even beat all the TV programmes on iPlayer. Who knows what they're going to be written about, but I would love to see old characters brought back because we can do different things on radio and jump around a bit more."

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