Thursday, 12 February 2009

Planet of the dead In Dubai

The Doctor Who Crew flew World Traveller (economy), the cast were Club World (business).

Cobbled together from information from Sunjunky; They are outside Dubai off the Al Ain Road, but its hard to explain exactly were, as there is no town/landmarks, I've not seen the bus, but have found their camp! A guy there told me they were filming 20 minutes further in over the dunes. As we sat in the jeep debating whether to try finding them, a few jeeps where headed back our way. We recognised no-one, until a tall chap wearing a black t-shirt, cap and shades walked into view - David Tennant! I was just about to let the kids out of our jeep to say hi, but he got back into a jeep along with Michelle Ryan (who wore a straw cowboy style hat) and a few others and they headed back towards the main road. Everyone looked so pale! I did follow but they parked up on the main road, so as I'm no stalker I didn't hang around. I will certainly go back over the next couple of days. There was a lot of blowing sand, so I didn't take any pictures this time.

They should fly back on either Friday or Saturday, probably British Airways again.

Special thanx to Sunjunky for the above, and to SonicSapphire for the travel info!

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