Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Filming report 24/02/09

Scooty says; Last night filming was taking place in a quarry in Taffswell just North of the M4, thanks to the entire Quarry being surrounded by a very public woodland and footpath, we managed to see from a distance, the TARDIS all lit up and some action involving a number of naked flames. Something happens in there and this is followed by an explosion.

Last night was an extremely interesting evening, cold and uncomfortable though. Filming seemed to concern three major scenes they are:-

An explosion the size of which I have never seen before. It formed a giant mushroom cloud and left a huge black smoke ring in the sky. It shook the camera from my hand, so unfortunately no pictures of the explosion itself. Its more than worth the wait for though!- Man in orange spacesuit as seen in the Impossible Planet, almost certainly David Tennants stunt double, he runs away from the explosion (in this case, a green screen). He jumps on a to trampoline and lands on a crash mat.-

The man in the spacesuit then wakes up amongst a load of rubble and slowly walks forward. This looks like it is David Tennant. I can make out his sideburns in a couple of the pictures.At the moment, appearing to be very un-Christmassy! Simon thought it could possibly be set on Mars - the Quarry surface is a rich red after all!

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