Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Baker still Popular

Colin Baker has admitted that he’s relieved he’s still popular amongst Doctor Who fans - despite the fact the more recent incarnations seem to be getting younger and younger each time.

Baker, who portrayed the Sixth Doctor from 1984 to 1986, recently attended a Doctor Who convention in LA, and has since expressed his delight at still being renowned by Whovians over 20 years since his last appearance in the show.

“It is heartening that they are still prepared to tolerate the old fogies who used to portray the nation’s favourite Time Lord in the age of the new improved programme and the ever youthening Doctor,” the actor said in his column for This Is Local London.

He added: “As if David Tennant hadn’t already proved the visibly beneficial power of time travel on the genes, the imminent new one, Matt Smith, we are told, is so young that he is likely to be asked for ID if he tries to purchase an intergalactic gargle blaster in licensed premises either side of the Atlantic

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