Sunday, 22 February 2009

Agyeman Remains Tight-Lipped about a Possible return

Freema Agyeman has firmly fended off rumours that she’ll be reprising her role of Martha Jones for David Tennant’s last episode.

“There has been some speculation but nothing has been confirmed,” she told Scotland on Sunday. “Talk to anyone in the world of Who and they’ll say you never feel like you’ve left. Ask Billie Piper. David Tennant bounds on to set every day and says, ‘Right people, what are we doing today? Am I getting strung up, frozen, flung about a room?’ It’s a lovely unique environment because people are so passionate.”

She added: ”It goes beyond a day job. Of course, I would resurrect her when the time is right, whether in 10 years or one.”

Rumours of a possible comeback were sparked in The Sun last month. It’s been claimed that Agyeman was offered the return after filming commitments meant it was impossible for her to shoot her previously planned guest stint in the next series of Torchwood.

But the actress knows she will always be renowned for her role as the Doctor’s fiesty companion, but has revealed that she has no worries about being remembered for it.

“The Who fans are the best,” she said. “The more, the better. Even after the Law & Order launch, there were a group of them waiting for me. That absolutely warms my heart.”

She continued: “In the early days, at award ceremonies I would get out of the car on to the red carpet, hear all the screaming, see all the lights flashing, and look for the Who fans. I’d go straight over and just stay with them.”

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